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Attorney Janet is here to assist you no matter where you are or how your immigration needs evolve. She believes that everyone should have access to bespoke immigration law services from where they can get reliable legal advice and assistance.

Janet is dedicated to helping clients with their immigration issues. She is a highly experienced immigration attorney who clearly comprehends the current effects of statutes and regulations and leverages them in the client’s best interest. She maintains an excellent reputation in assisting clients, supporting all types of immigration-related matters, and winning their cases, so they can continue living in the country and have a bright future.

Uncontested Divorce

At Escobar Law Office, we provide highly reliable uncontested divorce attorney services.

Attorney Janet has years of experience helping men and women through all aspects of uncontested divorce. She helps clients make the entire process of divorce less completed, less expensive, and less stressful. She is well-versed in Virginia divorce laws and highly skilled in assisting clients through their divorce proceedings as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Whether your divorce case is simple or complicated, she works on understanding the details that will help it settle smoothly. All her efforts on uncontested divorces are aimed at making it easy and cost-effective for you.

CPS Defense

Escobar Law Office understands that there is nothing more important to our clients than their children, which is why we provide dependable CPS defense attorney services.

Attorney Janet is experienced, non-judgemental and passionate about protecting our client’s rights and families. She has successfully defended families against Children’s Protective Service (CPS) throughout Virginia. She has the expertise to help clients, whether they face allegations of child abuse or neglect.

You can consult Janet to assist you through the legal process with CPS and advocate in mediation or litigation on our behalf. She is always there to help you and fight for your case.

DSS Defense

If you believe your child is taken from you by error, Janet can litigate on your behalf so that you can be reunited once again. She is here to help you hold on to what you love the most – your children.

Her DSS defense attorney service is specially designed to help parents when faced with the removal of their children by the Department of Social Services (DSS). She has a long history of working in DSS law, and she understands the possible actions DSS can take and use her expertise to defend clients who are accused of child abuse or neglect.

All in all, she has the right combination of experience to advise and support clients in such matters.